Be the best parent you can be! Read Just Like His Father? an informative, new book by Liane J. Leedom, M.D., psychiatrist, scientist and herself a mother of an "at risk" child. This web site presents an outline of information found in the book. You can order the book at our Parent's Store. Just Like His Father? is also available through

TO START check out the Parent's Pledge to take the Pledge and discover the three ways you affect your child's behavior. Don't forget to visit the pages on well-being and temperament as these are key to understanding and guiding your at risk child.

Does your child or teen have a problem managing ANGER? Click here for great information and help with ANGER MANAGEMENT!

For more tips on parenting your at risk child visit Dr. Leedom's Blog.

Are you raising an at risk child? We want to hear from you about your experiences. You might provide us with information that may be helpful to other parents! We are especially interested in hearing about your fearless child. Was your child fearless until age 3 or 4, then developed a fear? Does your child have an autism spectrum disorder and antisocial behavior? We want to hear your story. Email Dr. Leedom

Does your child have trouble managing his/her anger? Anger problems are common in at risk kids. For help we recommend Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out an Anger Management Book for Kids.

To understand more about antisocial behavior, sociopaths and psychopaths visit Dr. Leedom's LoveFraud Blog.

Your at risk child's needs may be different from those of other children!
Recent scientific studies show that genetics puts a child at substantial risk for developing ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior. But, a child's early environment can either magnify or reduce his risk.

Often, people whose biologic relatives have ADHD, addiction or antisocial behavior also suffer with one or all of these disorders. This is because there is a genetic connection between all of these disorders.

What is the nature of the genetic connection between ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior? Read the material in this site and you will find out. It is as if the same underlying problems lead to these three disorders.

The problems that cause ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial behavior occur in three specific areas we have called the Inner Triangle. The Inner Triangle is made up of our Ability to Love, Impulse Control, and Moral Reasoning. Adults and children with antisocial behavior and addiction have difficulties with all three sides of the Inner Triangle. Impairment in Impulse Control defines and causes ADHD.

Your at risk child needs lots of exercise! Please visit Exercise and at risk kids.

Please visit Violent Video- games for a discussion of the effects of violent television and videogames on at risk kids. Remember! Your at risk child's needs may be different from those of other children.

Many who care for at risk children are single parents. Please check out our pages for single mothers and single fathers. We are currently gathering statistics with parents fighting to protect at risk children through the family courts. If you have a story to tell about your experiences in family court Email Dr. Leedom

If you need to read Just Like His Father? and cannot afford to buy the book, Email Dr. Leedom

Are you raising an at-risk child? Please join our Forum. It is a free online support group for parents of at risk children.

The At Risk CHild needs more clossness, even though he may reject it.
Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Welcome to Parenting the At Risk Child- Your source of information and resources for parenting a child at risk for ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior. Your child may be at risk if anyone in your family has any of these disorders.
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