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Parenting the At Risk Child

If you are the parent of an at risk child you may want to check out these titles. While researching Just Like His Father? I read many books. These are the books I thought were particularly useful and scientifically accurate. They represent the titles I feel I can recommend, see my comments below.

Liane J. Leedom, M.D.

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Teach Your Child to Behave
by Charles E. Schaefer and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo

This book is for the parents of young children (2-8 years). It offers a three step program. In step 1 you will examine yourself and your parenting style. In step 2 you will practice setting limits. In step 3 you will practice enforcing limits.

Parenting Young Children With Love Encouragement and Limits
by Thomas J. Dishion and Scot G. Patterson.

This book is one of my favorites. It is also meant for parents of the 2-8 age group. Dr. Dishion is both a researcher and clinician. See especially, Chapter 7, Coaching Children's Friendships for advice on helping your child socially.

Raising Good Children
by Thomas Lickona.

This book discusses ways to help your grade school child develop moral reasoning ability.

Setting Limits with your Strong-Willed Child
by Robert J. Mackenzie.

This book discusses strategies for dealing with a strong-willed child. In general the strategies are very good. However, keep in mind that following the strategies will help your child learn impulse control but these strategies may not "eliminate conflict" as the front cover implies. Remember, while good parenting will help your child be the best he can be, it will not make him into someone he is not. If you do the things Dr. MacKenzie suggests, your child may still be very difficult. So, just because your child is difficult and strong-willed does not mean you are doing the wrong thing. Also, the book does not help you understand that the social dominance drive is responsible for the behavior of the strong-willed child.

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