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Genetic Connection Between ADHD, Addiction and Antisocial Behavior


What is competency? Competency is the ability to do the tasks of life. Children need to believe they CAN do things and do them well! When a person feels competent, he is more likely to enjoy life. Competency protects against ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior.
The problem is that developing competency and growing a child's brain takes work.
In this day and age, children become used to being constantly entertained. Because of this over stimulation, they tend to shy away from the work of developing competency. Imaginative play, playing music, reading, and doing art are examples of activities that build competency. In order to have well-being, children must work to develop competency.

Children who sit around "doing nothing" don't grow their brains. Mindless television also does nothing to grow a child's brain. Play that children do naturally is called imaginative play. This play grows a child's brain and develops competency. Too much TV cuts down on imaginative play. Reading books naturally exercises a child's imagination.

Parents must limit exposure to entertainment that does not develop competency. For more parenting advice on developing age appropraite competency, click on your child's age on the navagation side bar and see The Child Well-Being Workbook.
Enjoying entertainment is one of the most important ways to build competency
The reason children play and have a lot of energy is that by doing things they grow their brains and develop competency. Children who learn to enjoy entertainment that builds competency develop balance in pleasure and grow their brains. The right pleasure balance also protects against ADHD, addiction and antisocial personality.
Enjoy life with your child