Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Parenting the At Risk Child
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Your At Risk Child is Also At Risk for Physical Injury!

What then is the appropriate course for dealing with the at risk child’s appetite for thrills? There is a long list of fairly risky activities children take up as hobbies, ATV riding, motorcycle racing, BMX biking, trampoline jumping, rock climbing, skiing, skate boarding….the list goes on. I suggest the following:

1) Any activity that the authorities have threatened to ban such as ATV riding (which has killed many children) be reserved for much older teens with a track record of responsibility.

2) If your child does take up a risky sport, take the opportunity to teach him about risk-taking behavior and the proper use of protective gear. The goal is to help him understand his appetite for risk taking and to get him in touch with any fears or concerns he may have. He should develop a habit of moderating risk taking by assuming responsibility for his own safety.

The Inner Triangle: Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning

Using protective gear helps establish a habit of taking responsibility for personal safety. Teach your child that he may have “a blind spot” when it comes to seeing certain activities as dangerous. It is important that parents of fearless children oversee their activities. For example, do not just buy your child a skateboard and turn him loose to go sidewalk surfing without a helmet, pads or supervision.