Just Like His Father? and The Child Well-Being Workbook present a comprehensive program for improving your at risk child's behavior.

A parent of an “at risk” child has to overcome the strong social dominance drive while teaching impulse control. THIS IS NOT AN EASY TASK!

How does a parent overcome his child's strong social dominance drive? Many parents believe that their children should fear them, and that this fear keeps kids out of trouble. While this strategy may work for some children, it will not work for at risk children. Punishment of at risk children often worsens their behavior.

But, if punishment doesn't help what does? How do you overcome your child's strong, domineering, bossy, nature? How can you live in peace with your at risk child? Just Like His Father? and The Child Well-Being Workbook present a comprehensive program for living lovingly with your strong-willed child.

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Ability to Love, Impulse Control, Moral Reasoning
Parenting the At Risk Child
Do you have a strong-willed child?
Many books have been written about the so-called strong-willed child. These books generally present very good advice about limit setting with difficult children. By most accounts, a strong-willed child is one who does what ever he wants and opposes adult correction. Strong-willed children also have poor control over their own impulses.

The concept of the strong-willed child is confusing because it implies a child with good will power. Will power, or impulse control, enables children to focus on school, work and meaningful hobbies.

The so-called strong-willed child actually has poor will power, NOT good will power!
Will power helps children behave in a good way and resist temptation. Will power developed over the course of childhood protects against ADHD, addiction and antisocial personality disorder.

Instead of having will power, strong-willed children have an out of control drive for social dominance. The drive for social dominance makes them resistant to correction because they always want to be “in charge.”

Thus, at risk children only appear to be strong-willed. Why am I quibbling over words here? The reason is this, it is important for parents to recognize that the source of oppositional behavior in children is BOTH poor impulse control AND a strong social dominance drive. These two things often go together in “at risk” children. (see Just Like His Father?)

Just Like His Father? AND The Child Well-Being Workbook by Liane J. Leedom, M.D. are a complete program designed to develop your strong-willed child's Impulse Control and enhance his positive motivation!

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